A downloadable game

A short psychological horror game inspired by the PS1 era of survival horror.

WASD to move, E/M1 to interact, TAB to open the inventory.

Made for the Unreal Megajam 2018.

See sources.txt for non-custom content sources.

Install instructions

After unzipping, run Rosemary.exe.


Athyra_Rosemary.rar 90 MB


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Wait, dev, did you delete my comment??

Nope, I didn't delete anything.

Your comment is still here, fameo.

I literally am the only one who can't see it? Very very weird - Here's from my viewpoint - 

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I thought you meant the reply to my comment... Well in that case, yes. your comment was deleted in some way.

That's odd. I didn't get a notification for it, so something might've messed up on Itch's end.

Got stuck after I unlocked the kids room. Walked around and interacted with everything... but nothing happened. The phone keeps ringing but no one on the other end. I can't post a video like that. Help.

Same here, nothing seem to happen

Will make a walkthrough/gameplay of it.

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There was a bug that prevented dialogue from occurring that was patched out a few hours before the jam ended. In case it still isn't fixed, don't interact with any of the light switches around the house and approach the crib.